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28 September 2023 | 3 minutes

Artificial strength or torment? How AI is reshuffling the cards for your business

AI has become an integral part of our daily lives. From personal convenience like recommending series, comparing prices all over the Internet to innovations close to home like self-driving cars, it is everywhere. But is it also interesting as a business? Can you just blindly rely on AI, or do you need to steer?

Artificial strength or torment? How AI is reshuffling the cards for your business

As a company, it is very tempting to use AI to make the most efficient use of your time and money. Here, thoughts quickly turn to social media posts, double-checking legal documents, or writing a blog ;). Sometimes it seems too good to be true. You put a quick assignment in the bar of a ChatGPT or other tool, and then a wall of text appears, ready for you to use. Or will you soon have a lawyer after you with a copyright infringement claim? 

We have identified for you the most relevant pros and cons.

AI as a sounding board or as your social media manager?

For example, AI is a good sparring partner to help your social media a needed boost. Need inspiration to write a post? Just ask AI for some topics in your sphere. Need a headline for an article? Ask AI. 

As a business, it’s important not to fall behind in this, because it does save hours in mouse-less brainstorming sessions. However, it is important that you see AI as a sparring partner, and not as your new social media manager. So don’t ask it to type up an entire post for you! At this stage, it’s mostly for support, but because of its tremendous growth, it’s only a matter of time before it actually becomes your designated social media manager.

Artificial intelligence is smart enough to come up with some topics and give you the inspiration you need, but ALSO dumb enough to use the entire Internet as a source. In doing so, AI can distinguish poorly between what is right or wrong.

The danger of AI is in the control, and AI is fed by input from users and sources from the Internet. And I don’t have to tell you what a cesspool the Internet can be. In addition, it is poor at emotion; the concept of tone-of-voice is alien to the smart computer, to say the least. Because of the lack of this empathic ability, unfiltered and even discriminatory texts can slip through just like that.

So, in general, artificial intelligence is nice to lean on as a sparring partner, to quickly poll or double-check on a ChatGPT. In doing so, AI can provide nice prompts, texts, images and much more for you. Just pay attention to creativity and originality. After all, “We had a great brainstorm with great results for the great project,” doesn’t really sound great….

Also, major search engines such as Google are developing a tool that can recognize AI written content. It is still unknown whether this is going to affect your Web site’s position on Google. The fear is that AI texts will be picked up in the same way as SEO texts. These will then be “rejected” and your website will be penalized, as it were, with a worse listing in search results.

Therefore, humans remain (still) indispensable in the use of AI. There are many opportunities. But you need to make good use of them. Castro Communications is here to help you with these kinds of difficult issues. Developments are rapid, especially in the field of communication. In the coming years, the impact of AI on society will only increase. This will also lead to more government involvement in both positive and negative developments. 

Castro is well-versed in the field of lobbying and communication, among other things. We would like to work with you to see how these developments will affect you and how you can benefit.


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