Flink delivers groceries quickly that can be ordered online through its app or website. The “flash delivery company” engaged Castro Communications in late 2021. At the time, there were many discussions with various municipalities about where delivery companies could or could not set up shop. Different municipalities dealt with the flash delivery phenomenon very differently. Some saw it as retail, others did not. The result: a lot of confusion about where you could or could not open a location. Castro has been supporting Flink for three years now with contacts with governments and the media. For the Netherlands and regularly for the headquarters.

By making many contacts and having conversations with aldermen and officials of all the more than 40 municipalities where Flink operates and by pursuing a proactive media policy, the image about flash delivery has improved enormously. It led, for example, to extensive interviews in the Volkskrant and the Telegraaf in 2023 with Flink director Kiesler about how the company ensured all the improvements.

Flink itself has grown so fast that more than a million Dutch people have now ordered from the company.

“Flink has become very popular in a short period of time. We have a lot of contact with the environment of our hubs, the media and the government. Castro is helping us with that excellently. Fast and pragmatic.”

Robin Kiesler | General Manager Flink Netherlands