Corporate Affairs

Enhancing your company’s reputation through strategic advice, media monitoring, and training

Which services do we offer?

Strategic advice 

Digitalization and the network society have led to the outside world judging your organization’s reputation much faster. The reputation of your organization is crucial to the success or failure of your operations. Building a good reputation requires professional and effective managed strategy.

Thanks to our years of experience in strategic communications, lobbying and media training, among other things, we can help your organization improve its reputation. Together we will develop a tailor-made PR strategy with concrete actions and advise you on how best to use it for your organization. With this strategy you can also limit the damage of a crisis and take advantage of opportunities that will benefit your company.


Media monitoring is the process of systematically following and analysing various media, such as news reports, social media, blogs and other online platforms, to gather information about a particular topic, brand, person, or event. The purpose of media monitoring is to gain insight into how something is being discussed in the media and measure public sentiment.

At Castro, we give you the necessary insights regarding expressions and developments in the media. We look at various media, including the larger and relevant media in the Netherlands and abroad and within public channels such as social media. With the right attention and information flows, media monitoring can be a great help when you need to take decisions in areas such as:

  • Reputation: to properly define your (communication) strategy, it is essential to first know and measure how you are thought, spoken and written about.
  • Launching a new product or campaign: we monitor the media to record the reactions to the launch of your new product. We analyse sentiment and measure overall media coverage.
  • Crisis management: clear communication is crucial in times of crisis. In addition to our guidance, we help you get the public sentiment right and how the cards are shuffled.
  • Improving content strategy: By analysing which types of content perform well in the media, we can make recommendations to optimise your content strategy.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about media monitoring by Castro EU and how we can do this for your company or organization.


Bad news gets around faster than good news, especially through social media. In today’s media landscape, a small mistake can quickly have major consequences. Good preparation is therefore essential, so that you address the media with the right message. Almost all questions can be thought of in advance, so can the answers.

Naturally, there are big differences between directors, executives and spokespeople in terms of experience with media and speaking to journalists. At Castro, we adapt to the level and specific needs. We offer basic media and presentation training for both individuals and groups, as well as executive teams.

We also offer fully customized media training for board members and spokespeople, for example in the run-up to an important media appearance. Several (international) companies and organizations have their directors trained prior to important media appearances, such as national interviews on TV or in newspapers. Others choose to do this in the run-up to important moments, such as the announcement of (half) yearly figures or other big news that is brought out.


Want to learn more about how we can also help your company or organization with its reputation? Then get in touch.