We are Castro Communications

Castro Communications was founded by Stefan de Bruijn and Frits Huffnagel on January 1, 2019. Castro refers to the Castro district in San Francisco, one of the most tolerant neighborhoods in the world. San Francisco is one of our favorite cities and its acronym SF corresponds with the first letters of our first names.

Castro Communications focuses on strategic communications (what is your message and how do you get it across?), lobby (if you want a change in policy or keep it the same), and city-marketing (how do you present a city to the world?).

1. Clear and direct communications

We are clear, direct and put results first. No nonsense, we just want to get to work. We have decades of experience in communications and know how to do it differently.

2. Communications with a smile

Open a newspaper or look at social media and you’ll find a lot of misery. Castro Communications is cheerful where possible, serious where necessary and always optimistic.

3. Lobby with results

We won’t bother you with long lobby plans and elaborate stakeholder analyses. Castro Communications moves fast and works with you, politicians and administrators in The Hague and elsewhere.

4. Effective City Marketing

We are demonstrably successful in presenting municipalities and regions to the outside world. Everyone knows I Amsterdam and The Hague is now known as the international city of peace and justice. Residents, companies and visitors are put front and center.

5. Accessible Advice

We are everywhere, so we’re also near to you! We don’t need fancy offices that you end up paying for.