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21 September 2023 | 2 minutes

Wave of climate claims threatens business. Is your company adequately prepared?

From 2024, nearly 50,000 European companies will have to report in detail on their climate and environmental impact as part of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Experts warn companies of potential claims and directors' liability as a result of the implementation of the CSRD. This could also affect your company, but Castro Communications is here for you!

Wave of climate claims threatens business. Is your company adequately prepared?

The number of sustainability-related lawsuits has more than doubled over the past five years, with an upward trend since the successful climate lawsuit against Shell in 2021. The CSRD is expected to lead to even more extensive litigation. Mainly claims by environmental organizations.

Your company, too, may have to disclose information such as carbon emissions and the risk of child labor in its supply chains. This increased transparency could also make your company a target for potential claims, leading to potential reputational and financial losses. Although some companies are lobbying for a delay in the implementation of the CSRD, it is expected to pass because of strong political pressure. 

So companies need to prepare. And we don’t mean just preparing for the possibility of increasing green investments. On phasing out fossil fuel use. Or on possible preparation for payouts in the event of mass claims.

We mean preparing your strategic communications, reputation and risk management. Preparing your advocacy and influencing government and politicians, to ensure that the path to a more sustainable world is truly implementable and achievable for companies. Preparing to bring out campaigns and communications to show your target audience that you as a company are making progress on sustainability.

Castro communications is here for you. We offer strategic advice and practical implementation in communications, reputation and lobbying to achieve results that matter to you.

  • We help strengthen your strategic and crisis communications and improve or maintain your reputation. Castro makes sure your message is heard and your target audience sees what you stand for and what you are doing within this transition. We do this by defining strategy, supporting implementation, and providing (crisis) communication training.
  • We help with advocacy and influence. Castro helps you smoothly navigate the corridors of power. Castro simplifies the complex world of politics and government. We help monitor and influence relevant policies for your industry or sector. We think through which officials, administrators or politicians you should speak to and what you should tell them. We make sure you are heard where it counts.
  • We put our power and extensive network in business, media, politics and government to work for your results. Castro communications and its extensive connections ensure that our strategies are always based on a deep understanding of the playing field. Our network of communications and lobbying specialists always allows us to develop a tailored approach for your business or organisation.

As Castro, we’re here for you. We like to do that in a customized way. And through close personal contact. That’s how we achieve the best result together. 


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